There is no better way to determine the quality and effectiveness of a service than by reading reviews from its clients. Numerous past clients have taken it upon themselves to write reviews about our company, and for that we are extremely grateful. Since we launched Reputation 180 in 2013, we have received nothing but five-star reviews, one of our proudest accomplishments as a company. The positive feedback Reputation 180 has received is directly correlated our results-driven model, where customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Below your will see what our clients are saying about our company on Facebook and our Better Business Bureau page:

We are very thrilled of the service we provide for our clients. Each client that signs on with Reputation180 Management is assigned a project manager and a tracking account, which keeps them, informed of all progress and results from our engineering team.   Although all our work and clients are kept confidential, we have several that are willing to give these Certified Consumer Reviews and speak to new clients about their results.
We put our reputation on the line to guarantee yours everyday while at the same time protecting your online privacy.


My wife's name was destroyed online with several articles. She fell into depression. I decided to take a chance and surprise her for the holidays with a new reputation online hoping it would inspire her. Not only did Reputation180 push down all the negative information. She ended up finding a new career and she is happier then I have seen her in years. The process wasn't cheap but it was worth every single cent.

Family Reputation Management Client  on 9/17/2016

"The Reputation 180 Management team goes above and beyond. I've been with them for 12 months. My positive reputation results have been Tremendous. Their attention to detail & respect for their clients is unmatched. I recommend to all my friends & clients & stand behind their name & their commitment."

Business Owner  on 5/3/2015

"Chad Lieber and his Reputation 180 team are above and beyond the best in the online reputation management business. These guys changed my law firm's Internet presence from being non-existent to constant phone calls in a very short period of time. Besides the unbelievable results, the team is extremely responsive and on point all the time. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to generate Internet business."

NYC Personal Injury Law Firm  on 2/14/2014

I would have paid about any amount of money to get my reputation back. It was affecting my business and social life. I dug and still didn't find the negative page. The service was very good and worth every dollar. I am glad I have someone defending my reputation online.

Medical Doctor in Manhattan NY  on 6/28/2013

This is amazing! It's like I have my own PR person! Reputation180 I really appreciate your taking the time to construct a biography in which my accomplishments and work are all commensurate with one another, the bio makes sense, and I really appreciate your making me look good once again.

Night Club Owner in California  on 8/16/2012

"We contracted with Reputation 180 Management to fix some reviews as well as develop some consistency in our review gathering and posting. They worked well for us and helped us to have a clean and clear process at our end. I would recommend them to car dealers that are serious about adopting good policies for reputation defense applications used by your sales and service departments."

NY Car Dealership Owner  on 9/28/2011

"I am very thankful to Reputation180 for helping me regain control over my online reputation after being destroyed in a New York Times article and look forward to working with them in the future to keep both my reputation and privacy protected."

Retired Florida Judge  on 11/10/2010
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