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Reputation180 has developed a bespoke online reputation management software system, which enables us to monitor and manage customers’ accounts securely, safely and effectively.  The software allows us to capture multiple metrics including influencer mentions, followers and sentiment. Through it we are able to monitor online activity accurately and in-depth.  We can see new information as it appears online, and consequently, we are able to alert customers to comments as they arise, and help them to suppress or remove defamatory content where appropriate.

Here’s what our online reputation management software can identify:

  • Number of followers online
  • The sentiment and subject of comments
  • Influencer mentions
  • Comments from a particular region, source or language
  • Emerging trends in the market place
  • Customer engagement
  • Competitor behavior
  • Success of social media campaigns
  • Return on investment

Our system enables us to analyze online conversations, making them easier to understand and helping our customers to build a proactive online strategy.  By monitoring the online conversation about you, we can better limit the threat to your company of an online crisis.

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