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Personal brand management is a phrase coined to describe what we do to build, nurture and protect the online reputations of respected business people and leading public sector figures.  In days gone by it was enough to build and defend the reputation of a company or public sector organization - not any more.  We live in the age of celebrity and chief executives often attract as much attention as the companies they lead.  It goes without saying that sports, media and showbiz personalities as just as vulnerable as business leaders to unfair and unjust attacks.

A misplaced word, an unfortunate aside or a clumsy action can grab the headlines, undermine a celebrity’s status, severely damage the business leader's online reputation and rock the company’s share price.  What's even more infuriating is the negative coverage, which can result from a journalist making mischief, an attack from a rival, or slanderous and untruthful gossip, which reaches the ears of the press and media.  It’s why many CEOs and media personalities entrust us with their personal brand management and it's why so many public figures opt to have their own personal websites.

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