Reputation Management: What Not to Do

Reputation management is a term that is slowly coming of age in this new quarter-millennia of online non-privacy. Think of any news of bad press in sports, political mis-phrasing by celebs, or circulation of intimate photos; and you’ve got a world of reputation no-no’s you need to learn and learn fast. Sure, you may not be NFL quarterback, a famous politician, or a high-profile actress; but your name can become mud just as easy. The internet as an unregulated real-time space allows u... Read More

What is Reputation Management?

What is reputation management? Do you need it? If you have watched TV, listened to the radio, read a newspaper, or gone online-you know that every day there is another bad photo, or rumor about one celebrity or public figure or another; and someone’s reputation is compromised.  The scary thing today is that it’s no longer just celebrities that are talked about in the media: anyone can say anything they like about anyone else, and in today’s society, it’s all in real-... Read More

Free Reputation Monitoring Tools

In today’s world, everyone is online: researching, shopping, writing reviews, posting on social media, writing blogs, and just communication about everything from business to personal hobbies. Your personal identity or your business brand, your reputation-could be the subject of their communication-and it could easily go viral. If not viral, then, it could show on Page 1 of Google, and limit your potential happiness in your career, love life, or business success. Here’s 5 free reputa... Read More

Best Online Reputation Management Commandments

People talking, in person about a person or a business often created reputation. Today, with everyone spending the time they do online-really to do anything, your reputation is defined by the online space. Forums, social media, reviews sites like Yelp, and even websites can all be used to define your reputation-whether negative or positive. This said, you need to know what is being said about you online, and here are the top ten things you have to do-and now-to take ownership of your reputation.... Read More

Who Might Need Reputation Management?

While reputation management is a relatively new term, reputation goes back as far as the beginning of man. Your reputation, no matter who you are, whether personal or professional, whether a person or a business, is everything. Below, we list who needs to manage their reputation.  Looking for a job? Ever searched for a job? Think you’ll search for a new job in the future? We’re all job seekers at one-and most often, multiple-time(s) in our lives, and when we apply for positio... Read More

Protecting Children Reputation Online

Proud parents are increasingly posting content, especially pictures, concerning their children on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. But total strangers could potentially view social media content, so this raises a key question. By pursuing this action, are you damaging your child’s reputation online? Social media use is rising rapidly among many age groups. These sites are now popular with parents, who often use these platforms to share content concerning their children. A... Read More

Google Vital Reputation Tools

With the release of the 4.0 update, Penguin has now become a part of the core algorithm, which Google uses to govern search rankings. These changes could have a significant impact on your company’s digital assets, so how can you ensure that you are adequately prepared for Penguin 4.0?  Google is the world’s most popular search engine. The first page of Google captures 92% of traffic from average searches1. It is key that your firm’s digital assets rank on the first page of... Read More

Topical Online Marketing Operations

The key to creating an effective online marketing campaign is to priorities relevancy over share-ability. A study cited by the Washington Post 1 indicates that 80% of people use headlines to help them “decide if they wanted to read the full article before they had to click through” online. Without relevancy, your content will never be viewed, much less shared via social media, rendering your campaign useless.  So how can you create relevant content? We would suggest that you foc... Read More

Dealing with Internet Privacy

How much of your personal data is available online? It’s becoming increasingly difficult to hide your details as company’s track your interests, personal preferences and even your current location through your account settings.  Social media sites such as Facebook encourage you to include personal information such as your date of birth, where you work, live and even your political and religious views. Advertising is something, which is becoming increasingly intrusive, and Fac... Read More

Dealing with Negative Feedback Online

What should you do if your company receives negative feedback online? How you handle complaints is increasingly important with consumers more and more likely to look at online feedback to inform purchasing decisions. When tackling this task you might want to take your cue from digital fashion retailer ASOS, which recently gave a Masterclass in handling negative feedback online.   A recently released info graphic reveals that social media platforms are critical online marketing channels for ... Read More